The vibrant profiles, the grains, the knots and twists of the wood are highlighted as they are the free expression of the wood’s strenght, its overwhelming vitality and its seductive and everlasting wisdom.

Wood librarie Totem

This cabinet is an allegory of the symbiotic relationship between acacia and ivy woods.

The lateral load-bearing structure is made of ivy while the shelves are cylindrical sections of an acacia trunk.

librarie Totem

vy wood / acacia wood L 55 P 55 H 210 cm

library Vela

Bookcase in solid oak and ivy wood.

The slightly rounded shelves blend with the ivy eccentric character, making it a tasteful piece of furniture, ideal as a centerpiece for a room.

library Vela

Ivy wood / oak wood
L 110 P 40 H 185 cm
Made to measure and in various woods.


Library with sitting space, with light but complex structure.


Library Ariosa

Ivy wood / walnut
L 240 P 80 H 220 cm
Made to measure and in various woods.

Wood library wall Senzatempo

The tree, preserved in its originality, becomes Senzatempo (timeless).

The distinctive element is the profile of the trunk, carefully selected and left free to create harmonic motion lines.

Library wall Senzatempo

Made to measure and in various woods.
L 240 P 40 H 250 cm

Wood library wall Albero

Very versatile library, adaptable to any space.

The solid wood shelves are anchored to the wall, while the ivy branches between the shelves recall the shape of the tree. For even greater customization the ivy can be anchored by neodymium magnets.

library wall Albero

Ivy wood / cypress wood
Made to measure and in various woods.

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