Between light and dark, the power of the line enhances the imagination.


My favorite room


Perfect harmony between man and nature.



 The ivy resists anchored to the acacia branch, despite the weather, despite the season, despite the man…

Fusion Collection

Aluminum joins the wood in an alchemical embrace full of charm.


Ivy, tangible wisdom

Ivy is the collection’s theme, the furniture is made with its wood, the style is identified by its leaf


Ganimede is essential harmony of form and decoration.

floor lamp Kenosi

Floor lamp Kenosi

The shapes of floor lamps “Kenosis” are the results of the intimate relationship that existed between the ivy and its host tree.

Libraries ecodesign


The vibrant profiles, the grains, the knots and twists of the wood are highlighted as they are the free expression of the wood’s strenght, its overwhelming vitality and its seductive wisdom.

Catalogue Fusion Collection

Livyng Ecodesign – living the ivy through ecodesign. See the catalog or download PDF

Livyng Ecodesign

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Livyng Ecodesign Via delle vigne, 30
48018 – Faenza, Ravenna
Telefono: + 39 3491851606
Livyng Ecodesign

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